"He’s [Matt Cohen] bought food for fans who traveled across the country to see him and were broke…" [X]

Here’s a little story I haven’t shared with Tumblr yet. When I went to my first Supernatural convention a few years ago (in Vancouver), I was younger and didn’t have a steady job and had never traveled on my own, and it was hard. I went with my best friend. We had general admission, traveled by Greyhound for 52 hours each way across the country (because spending the time was much easier than spending the money to fly), and were living on gas station food because it was all we could afford. Now, this is not a sob story. We were young fans getting to go on an awesome trip together without our parents to go see our favorite cast at a convention! But even so, it was a pretty rough 10 days or so to do all of this with very limited experience or money. 

One night, at a very random, very late time (I believe it was maybe even after midnight), we went for a walk around the blocks surrounding the convention hotel. We were passing a 7-11 when we saw Matt Cohen in the window buying snacks, and basically backflipped into the store to meet him. 

Not only was he super excited to meet fans, he was awesome at keeping conversation going and making sure that meeting him would be memorable. For whatever reason, he showed us his driver’s license so we could laugh at his wild hair, he asked us all about our trip, he hugged us both many times without either of us ever asking for that even once, and then when he asked if he’d be seeing us at the cocktail party (which is for gold convention patrons), we said no, we had general admission. This is what lead us to explain to him how hard we’d worked to save up the money to be there at all, and that we were on our way to Tim Hortons to get bagels for dinner. 

Matt then insisted on buying us dinner, which he actually did. He followed it up with “Be sure to tell your parents that John Winchester bought you dinner!”, and then he insisted that we take some photos. Again, we didn’t even ask! My friend and I are both very conscious of not asking too much from celebrities on their personal time, but Matt wanted to hang out as much as possible. 

And that’s the story about how Matt Cohen is an angel, and how my parents came to be more comfortable with letting me travel by myself wherever I want to for Supernatural conventions because they know fans are safe and taken care of there. 

**There is an interview online wherein Matt talks more about this encounter, but I can’t seem to find it anymore. If anyone has the link, I’d appreciate it!

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