Happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light.

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"The Supernatural season 9 finale will air Tuesday, May 20 & the 200th episode will be the 5th episode of Season 10."

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the women in the Dove picture actually look happier and more comfortable 

What the fuck is “real” beauty. This pisses me off, everything fucking pisses me off. Fuck you Dove. I’m fucking tired of skinny shaming.

But… there are skinny girls in the Dove photo. And there are tall girls, and short girls, and white girls, and black girls, and girls with long hair, and girls with curls and braids, girls with tiny breasts and big hips, a big waist and tiny hips, what I see in the Dove photo is diversity and reality. What I see in the Victoria’s Secret photo is seven girls who are literally supermodels with mile long legs, tiny waists, large breasts in pushup bras, and long, flowing hair that shows no personality, ethnicity or diversity even on the darker models. Are they even seven separate people? I literally can’t tell the difference between a few of them, so maybe they’re not. They’re posed in ways that real women don’t stand, and not a single one is smiling. They’re airbrushed, they’re in pushup bras, they’re heavily posed, they’re not real as represented by this photo. The girls in the bottom photo, yeah, they’re probably airbrushed. But they look like women I could meet at the mall, not see in a window AT the mall. THAT is what Dove is promoting. Victoria’s Secret is telling you to love your body, if your body happens to be lovable by society’s standards. Dove is reminding you that society’s standards are fucked up and that being real is lovable too. There’s no skinny shaming going on here. I see at least two girls in the Dove photo who I’d consider thin. It’s about diversity and reality, neither of which the top photo represents at all. That’s it. That’s literally all this post is about. 

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Reblog if you are in the Supernatural fandom and ARE’NT a Belieber


Just wanna get a feel if how many of you guys I like

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my year end volleyball award

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I AM MEETING BAM MARGERA TONIGHT AND I JUST??? ??? MY 14 YEAR OLD SELF DREAMED OF THIS DAY AND NOW IT’S HERE! I’m also going to wear the same shirt I hugged his brother in because I’m absorbing Margera power

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